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37th Western States 100 2010 - How Krupicka Raced the Western States 100 - Running Times Magazine

He's endured 100 milers and won, but at WS100, he learned how to raceBy Anton KrupickaAs featured in... weiterlesen

THOMAS SCHMIDTKONZ lief seinen 100. Marathon/Ultramarathon!

Thomas Schmidtkonz (Forchheim) lief am 26.06.2010 in Lenzerheide/SUI beim Graubünden-Marathon s... weiterlesen

Badwater Ultramarathon – The Mirage – von Nikki Seger via ULTRALIST am 13.07.2010

122 miles.So they say.You see the lights for thousands of miles -- or at least thousands of hours --... weiterlesen

Badwater Ultramarathon – The Oasis – von Nikki Seger via ULTRALIST am 13.07.2010

It is strange.  Very strange.  That a swimming pool where the thermometer registers the wa... weiterlesen

Badwater Ultramarathon – The Respite – von Nikki Seger via ULTRALIST am 13.07.2010

Now, 72 miles into the race.  The Respite is a place called Panamint Springs.  It is amazi... weiterlesen