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Vol State Update 12: give 'em blood - by Laz Lake via ULTRAlist on July 18th, 2012

word is, the vol-state fans want blood.
we gotcher blood fer ye.

jan silverman is gone. she solved the problem of how to get back on the course...
she aint going.

psyche did get taken in last night.
dusty awoke in the night, and heard someone crying outside her window.
it was psyche, and she let her in.
what did we say about living like a stray dog?
this morning psyche said she is "trying to figure out how to walk"
and she will let us know about her vol-state future.

juli survived the storm.
she is one remarkable woman. resilient, resourceful, and determined.
my own sleep (the time i now call happy hour) was interrupted by a great comedy routine.
one end of a phone conversation between carl and juli.
carl was addled by lack of sleep,
juli was addled by lack of sleep.
she had stopped at mcdonalds and couldnt figure out which way to go.
carl couldnt figure out where she was.
after several phone calls and much discussion,
they finally figured it out.
she was 100 yards from where we were sleeping.
yes fans, even carl has become a casualty.
(people who actually need to sleep nearly every day should avoid the vol-state)

i am losing carl to work responsibilities, and with him the ability to post.
as soon as i finish this, i am going back to the rock for juli's finish.
this will be (probably) the last complete update.

1-3) dan fox, joshua holmes, paul lefelhocz 314

4) juli aistars 303 (crossing the tennessee river)
5) sulaiman sericki 287 (starting down monteagle mountain)
6) jay dobrowalski 274 (leaving monteagle for tracy city)
7) charlie taylor 265 (pelham, at the foot of the mountain)
8) john price 264 (right behind charlie, and doesnt know it)
9) sherry meador 252 (leaving manchester)
10) richard westbrook 258 (hillsboro)
11-12) psyche wimberly and dusty hardman (in war trace, psyche may not go
13) shannon burke 223 (leaving shelbyville)
14 diane taylor 194 (nearing lewisburg)
15) marvin skagerberg 175 (in columbia, and fighting for his race with the
heart of a lion)
16) oprah 174

17) thomas mikkleson 250 RIP
18) jan silverman 218 RIP
19) rita barnes 185 RIP
20) sal coll 156 RIP
21) fred davis 125 RIP
22) erika matheny/adam vess 122 RIP
23) mike melton 121 RIP
24) abi meadows 100 RIP

it was a happy band that stepped off the ferry a lifetime ago.
some have already tasted the sweet kiss of the rock.
some will yet succeed.
many have failed.
and more may join them.
none will forget the call of the open road.

the vol-state is the most achievable of challenges.
but victory will come with a price.

i will try to get word out, about the fate of those who fight on...

however i can.


by Laz Lake via ULTRAlist on July 18th, 2012 at 8.40 a.m. local time

Comment at 10.06 a.m. local time:

An update on Psyche – she was able to do some surgery on her feet to get to a point where she could walk (hobble may be more appropriate) and had left the hotel on her way backward to a marathon station for food/drink before heading back out toward manchester – she is DETERMINED to finish this thing!

I’m amazed by the incredible fortitude of everyone who started this race…

charles raffensperger

Comment at 11.23 a.m. local time:

Great news!!! Thanks for the update!! I'm pulling for her to finish. I am so excited for everyone still on the course!!! Erika and I had the perfect race compared to this, geez..when I recall all that we went through, I mean, it wasn't easy but we had each other, even when one or the other pulled away, we weren't far away,, and even though it was hot, we were pretty used to the heat, but what the contestants endured this year, wow, my heart goes out to each one, finish or not, what a test of guts and endurance...I'm in awe, I absolutely love you guys. I wish I could be there to see everyone finish. It's an amazing thing, talk about it and remember it forever..



Vol State Update: negative split - by Stu Gleman via ULTRAlist on July 18th, 2012

it is six am, and marvin is asleep in columbia at the usual motel. he was bobbing and w eaving as the traffic picked up at five am, out there on 412, about 174 miles or so (peaceful gate road), so we decided to crash until the afternoon rush hour.

he started from linden about two thirty am yesterday, and every chance he got he hurried, which for him amounts to a medium walk. we got his foot professionally dressed in hohenwald...very nice people at the ambulatory (wow does that take on a new meaning!) care, walk in clinic. the nurse gave us some of the cake she had just baked for fuel later on.  very very nice people.

he started suffering from the damned heat about two pm, so we knocked on the door at the natchez trace campground, and he got to sleep in the airconditioning untl seven pm. then he just pushed in the relative comfort of the night.

the dressing has held.

he has reduced a thirty five mile deficit to a ten or fifteen mile deficit in twenty four hours.


wntr... still hoping not to have to run...

by Stu Gleman via ULTRAlist on July 18th, 2012 at 6.29 a.m. local time

Comment at 7.13 a.m. local time:

Thats good news. I wondered where he was and how he was doing. Thanks for the update Stu!!!


Vol State Update: 4 a.m. at the rock - by Laz Lake via ULTRAlist on July 18th, 2012

it's 4am on the rock...

paul is lost in 2500 acres of 10' tall corn.
naresh has gone on foot to look for paul.
carl drove off, to look for naresh.
i'm standing in the rain, without any of my shit.

i really want to get back to the room
so i can get an hour of sleep
before the morning call ins start.

i wouldnt mind just being dry.

i am in hell.

but i really can't complain.
juli is on monteagle mountain, 
in a monster electrical storm.
10 miles from the nearest town.

sulaiman is lost in tracy city.
being eyed by the local cops.

psyche is trying to sleep on a bench
on the front porch of the walking horse hotel in wartrace.
she wanted to room with dusty.
but the hotel is locked,
and dusty's phone is off while she sleeps.
a shower and a bed are but feet away.
but might as well be back in Missouri.

jan has a shower and a bed,
but a cop picked her up tonight
and took her 6 miles off course to a motel.
she's not sure how she'll return to the course tomorrow.

jay, sherry, charlie, and john
are trudging their way up monteagle mountain.
in the dark.
with nothing open.

diane is already up this morning.
heading from columbia to shelbyville.
trying to stay on pace for a 10 day finish.

marv is striving for columbia,
pushing to get back on pace
after a foot care appointment at the hospital.

dusty and shannon are the only two,
in this whole race
who aren't hungry, thirsty,
and miserable.
they're only tired and sore,
and getting ready to head back out for another day...

accept no imitations...
there's nothing quite like the vol state.


by Laz Lake via ULTRAlist on July 18th, 2012 at 4.42 a.m. local time

Vol State Update: 5:20:05:06 - #3 Paul Lefelhocz - by Carl Laniak via ULTRAlist on July 18th, 2012

Who ran thru the maelstrom, and came out clean.


by Carl Laniak via ULTRAlist on July 18th, 2012 at 3.25 a.m. local time

Vol State Update: 5:17:04:49 - #2 is Joshua Holmes - by Carl Laniak via ULTRAlist on July 18th, 2012

Charging up sand mountain in under an hour, fighting off Paul...and god's weather furry.


by Carl Laniak via ULTRAlist on July 18th, 2012 at 0.26 a.m. local time

Comment at 7.27 a.m. local time:

I crewed josh last year. (possibly the youngest crew yet?) two straight years of hitting snags around mule 300... Not many feelings like getting to the rock, even as a crew member. Congrats josh and Paul!

Blake Heiman