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LAZARUS LAKE (USA): ben's wife is gonna hate me - ULTRAlist June 23rd, 2011

so my next door neighbor is signed up to run the backyard ultra.

i remember when they were building their house.
i talked to ben and his wife a number of times.
it was pretty exciting to find out ben was a runner...
he'd even done a couple of marathons.
i had never lived near another runner before.

i told her then;
"you'll want to keep ben away from me.
this running thing is like a disease.
it will just get worse."

she was confident that ben had gone as far as he would ever go.
after each marathon he had vowed to never do another.
so surely he would never consider going further.

ben himself assured me he was not ultra material.
marathons were excessive enough.
i told him that the first time i heard about ultras
i not onlt vowed never to do one,
i ridiculed people who would do such a crazy thing.

i am not the only one to blame.
ben came to see us at last year's backyard race.
he had waved off entering..."thats a little too crazy for me!"

but, he had to come see what was going on.
what else can you do when there is a race next door?
everyone he saw, everyone he talked to
they were all having fun.
he came back several times during the day.
and at the end,
as he watched the people pushing to get in just a few more miles,
i could see it in his eyes.
he wanted to be out there.
so those runners have to take a big share of the blame.
they could have pretended to be miserable.

afterwards he told me;
"if you have it again next year, i want to run.
i probably wont go more than a marathon,
but i want to run."

i just nodded.
knowing that,
even if he received immediate treatment
it was probably too late.
there was an ultra in his future.

i talked to ben this morning.
amy had hollered at him earlier in the week,
as they passed running opposite directions;
"the race is on."
"i'm in!"

this morning i told him a little about the format.
like all of us, he found the concept intriguing.
he had already decided that he "needed" to do an ultra distance after all.
but the 4-mile an hour limit caused him to make an adjustment to his goal.
"4 miles an hour. i can do that for a long time....
10 hours. 40 miles. i know i can do that."

poor ben. it will only get worse.
and his poor wife.
she is probably still telling people;
"i dont know if ben will ever do another marathon or not. they are really hard on him"
and ben is just a few degrees away from saying words like "western states" and "hardrock."

ben's wife is gonna hate me.


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